Mittwoch, 7. September 2011

on the ſubway

one day · on the ſubway · a dragon came in • very ſilently indeed · ſilent as a leaf of linden tree · drifting · falling in a ſummer breeze • he · the dragon · ſtepped lightly · lithe · and carefully • wound his way through · paſſing by unſeeing commuters unſeen · roared his wafting bellow unheard • the greenness of his ſcaly armour · the greatness of his · caught a child’s eye • his beauty · rippling like a ſeaweed · a ſtreaming banner · took the child away · left it unbreathing · for as long as it takes a dragon · to pass through a ſubway car • as a parting gift · he granted the ſmall girl · a deep look into his eyes · alive with ſtillness · breathing reſt • until he proceeded · to ſilently · with great warmth of heart · to disintegrate the train · into a ſtunning fiery flaming inferno

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Das Foto im Blog-Header wurde freundlicherweise von Sandra Rugina zur Verfügung gestellt. Es zeigt den Bâlea-See in den rumänischen Karpaten. Alle Rechte liegen bei der Autorin.