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A Working Map of the Railsea

After the promised re-read of Railsea, taking notes on all mentions of place-names as I went along, I was able to add a few names to the map. Comments on additions & corrections are, of course, welcome.

Since I wasn’t able to figure them all out, I give below a table of: all place-names I found; page-numbers; non-exhaustive descriptions that might help to figure out the geography; &, of course, suggestions or guesses of the real-world (or present-day) equivalents.

intradiegetic place-name p/pp notes from the text extradiegetic equivalent
Amman Sun 367 cold
Bollons 55, 60 close to upland, volcano Bollons Seamount
Cabigo 56, 121, 195 federal
Cambellia 54, 52, 60 wild continent, bad legend, looming slopes, large, southeast of Nuzland, that farthest shore Campbell Plateau
Chatham, Cape of Chatham Rise
Clarion (island) 35, 56 Isla Clarión
Cold Basin 67 easter than Streggeye [sic] Chile (‘chill’) Basin, Robinson Islands?
Colony Cocos 115, 121 has updivers Cocos Island
Deggenlache 367 near Mornington
Gul Fofkal 120 Gulf of California
Gulflask 35 woods Gulf of Alaska
Kammy Hammy 56, 61, 113 Many-island nation, people with brick-coloured skin, South Kammy Hammy, far-off islands Hawaii
Kribbis Hole 265 pun on Scilla & Charybdis, no real equivalent
Leweavel Range
Manihiki 56, 74, 87, 112, 129, 193 Grey-skinned people, centre of the world, west of Streggeye, Subzi: a quarter of Manihiki City north of the old town, has southern outposts Society Islands (incl. Tahiti), French Polynesia
Marquessa 261 Macquarie I.? Or Marquesas?
Mendana 120 Solomon Islands, discovered by Álvaro de Mendaña y Neira
Molochai 300 Moloka’i, part of Hawaii / Kammy Hammy. A city?
Mornington 56, 367 far off, near Deggenlache
Norwest Peace 219 pun on Northwest Passage?
Nuzland (toxicontinent) 52 New Zealand
Pittman 121, 192 North Pittman Pitcairn Islands
Rockvane 35, 56 southern neighbour of Streggeye
Salaygo Mess (archipelago) 34 Sala y Gómez Ridge
Sowmerick (toxicontinent) 68 mythical South America
Streggeye 55, 92, 112 western tip of Salaygo Mess archipelago, east of Manihiki Easter Island
Teekhee (archipelago) 119
Tharp 121 Tharp Fault??

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miztres hat gesagt…

Thanks for all the work you put into the Railsea map. I play a tabletop roleplay game called The Strange and several times the parties adventures have taken us to Railsea. Could I please link your map to our adventure log?

Railsea is a wonderful world to run around in, and your map has already helped make that adventuring even richer.


Unknown hat gesagt…

Heh, nice, was just doing the same thing - here's a few I found;

Amman Sun - Amundsen Ridge off the Antarctic coast
Leweavel Range - Louisville Ridge NE of New Zealand.
Mornington - Isla Mornington on the Chilean coast.
Rockvane - Roggeveen Basin

Cabigo is _possibly_ the Gallego Basin.
Deggenlache has me stumped, possibly it's one of the various islas Diego near Isla Mornington


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